Artist Statement


Trees are surprisingly human, rooted, like us, in the earthly and the sublime. They experience seasons and the life cycle. They comfort, shelter and inspire. They teach us how to age gracefully. Who can imagine a world without the company of trees?

A recurring theme in my work is abstract nature. I am drawn to the magical intersection of the real and the surreal; the place where truth (physical, or first nature, if you will) when taken out of context or tilted a little, gives us a fresh way of seeing and reveals hidden layers of meaning.

Second Nature is an interpretation of the natural world of trees. In this series of double exposures, one image is layered on another in the camera, light painted over form. Serendipity plays a role but each photograph is made with conscious attention to details of composition and design.

Both photographs were taken within moments, from almost the same spot. The result is a glimpse into the unconscious –the world of the imagination.

The trees are perfectly real. And more.